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MD4MyCar app for iPhone and iPad

4.1 ( 3441 ratings )
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Developer: Launch Tech Co., Ltd
Current version: 1.3, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 25 Jul 2011
App size: 2.5 Mb

MD4MyCar is a plug and play device which allows you to wirelessly connect your vehicle’s onboard computer to your iPhone or iPod touch. It can be used to diagnose all the vehicles compatible with OBDII. Connection is made through your vehicle’s diagnostic socket (OBDII) located near or under your steering column. The following App is compatible with MD4MyCar.
Features: Real-time engine performance monitoring, trouble codes checking and reseting, live data and frozen frame reading, driving data logging and analyzing.

Latest reviews of MD4MyCar app for iPhone and iPad

Software looks great but cant get it to work with my elm327.
Waste of money & time.
Does not work. Paid for obd2 diagnostic connector. Will not connect. Want more money, as if, show me that itll do something first. Apps are very outdated. I should charge Launch for my time wasted. Very unHappy!
No support
Couldnt tell you of it works or not because no where in the app store, app itself, or the launch usa website does it tell you where you can buy the hardware required.
Hardware coming soon
I just called Launch and was told that they are wrapping up final QC measures on the transmitter device and should have it available for sale shortly. The salesperson also said that they are working on an update that has more performance based features.
This app requires a WiFi connection directly to a proprietary OBD-II scanner, which apparently doesnt (yet?) exist. The app tries to connect to this hardware immediately upon launch and it wont do anything w/out a connection. Theres no link in the app, on iTunes, or on the devs website to buy the reqd hardware.
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