MD4MyCar App yorumlar

Scam, scam, scam

This is a scam to buy proprietary hardware. I would rather they charge $2 and let me use standard wifi connection to OBDII compliant hardware. They are not upfront about this proprietary hardware and waste my time trying to connect with weird wifi settings. Don't waste my time with proprietary crap that doesn't work with standard hardware.

Not this one, it's a waste of time

The proprietary hardware is not available. The Developer Website link is zeroed out.


There is no way to know if the software works, because you can't buy the device even in their website.

Could be a Useful Tool

I am looking forward to using this app with my car. I will have to get the cord before I can use it.

Can't get anything to work?

Incomplete product, useless - why would Apple offer something like this. Not worth the time to download!


This app requires a WiFi connection directly to a proprietary OBD-II scanner, which apparently doesn't (yet?) exist. The app tries to connect to this hardware immediately upon launch and it won't do anything w/out a connection. There's no link in the app, on iTunes, or on the dev's website to buy the req'd hardware.

Hardware coming soon

I just called Launch and was told that they are wrapping up final QC measures on the transmitter device and should have it available for sale shortly. The salesperson also said that they are working on an update that has more performance based features.

No support

Couldn't tell you of it works or not because no where in the app store, app itself, or the launch usa website does it tell you where you can buy the hardware required.

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